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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions in New York can be complicated and nuanced.  Attorneys typically represent both sides of nearly every real estate transaction taking place in downstate New York.  Since real estate is often a substantial portion of an individual’s net worth, and the associated expenditure typically constitutes a substantial portion of an individual or business’s income, it is important to have proper guidance through an experienced attorney.  Whether you are considering selling or purchasing real estate, contact us for a consultation to understand  your options and have an advocate on your side.

For transactions involving properties that are in default or risk of default, we provide representation to borrowers who are seeking advice regarding loan modifications, short sales, reinstatement and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.  There are many options available to borrowers who have had difficulty making mortgage payments and it is crucial to speak to an experienced attorney who is familiar with the various options and their relative strengths and weaknesses for each case.

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